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Shukke Tokudo for Dan Joslyn

Please welcome a new black-robe priest into the Silent Thunder Order. Unshin Sangaku Dan Joslyn, practice leader of the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha in Falmouth, MA, received Shukke Tokudo (novice priest ordination) on Sunday, July 20 at the Atlanta Soto Zen Center.

Zen Master Baoji said "Virtuous practitioners of Zen, studying the way in our school is like the earth holding mountains without knowing how steep they are, or a stone containing a jewel without knowing how flawless it is.  One who practices like this is called a home leaver."

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Jukai 2014

Please welcome the following six new members of the Silent Thunder Order / Atlanta Soto Zen Center Sangha; they undertook Jukai Initiation after the annual Precepts Retreat on Sunday, July 13th.  Below listed are the initiates' name, zen name, and meaning:



Kevin Steven Shumaker Shinnyo "Ultimate Reality"
Ran J Edwards Ryusan "Dragon Mountain"
Thomas Pomgrantz Daishin "Magnanimous Mind"
Joshua Dylan Worden Doshin "Aspiring Mind"
Jaime P Villareal Roshin "Nurturing Mind"
Sara Nicole Stavile Kishin-ni "Joyful Mind"

Initiation (Jap. Jukai), is open to anyone who is sincerely interested in practicing Zen. This is a personal choice, not a formal stage of training, but is considered a prerequisite for undertaking further steps along the formalized Practice Path.

More pictures from the ceremony are available here;


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August Dharma Byte: Looking Forward, Looking Back

Last Saturday, we held the fourth annual conference of the network of Zen centers and sitting groups affiliated with Atlanta, hosting attending Practice Leaders and local interested members, Disciples and Priests, and followed by our annual Precepts Ceremony (J. Jukai) for six new Initiates, formally declaring themselves Soto Zen Buddhists (photos will be posted online).

Others attended via Skype; the proceedings were recorded and will be made available for those of you who were unable to attend, or chose not to, for whatever reasons. As usual, we reviewed reports of where we are as an organization, and discussed where we are going, particularly with regard to the relationship between the Affiliates and the Practice Center. More to follow on any changes for 2015 and beyond, some of which promise to be dramatic.

Last Updated (Friday, 18 July 2014 21:09)

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